140118 - Backstage, Sojin was diligently taking care of Hyeri while she was sick. She was sweating before she even got to the stage. Staff and coordinators were also attentive, asking Hyeri if she was still alright to preform. She kept answering that she would be fine. Stepping out onto the stage, fans yelled words of encouragement like, “Fighting,” and “Have strength!” But unfortunately, a lot of the negative comments surfaced because she had now preformed two days in a row after her fainting. Many said this was nothing more than media play and her fall was merely staged for attention.

I hope those that believe this, or any other similar situation, was media play can take a good, long look at the first gif.

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visual tbh.

visual tbh.

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"악동뮤지션" 200% - AKMU

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The cute is strong in these two

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f(x) AU: YouTubers

Victoria - Travel Vlogger
Sulli - Korean Beauty Guru
Luna and Amber - Musicians; Pop/Hip-Hop Cover named "Nu Generation"
Krystal - Popular YT Gamer

inspired by x

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1200 x 1845


1200 x 1845

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there are three types of people;

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