key eating a doughnut seductively….. and jonghyun’s reaction

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so you see this? see these comments? these were comments my sister found whilst watching ga in’s fxxk you music video. read them, take them in. i am disgusted with the kpop fandom right now. i know some of these comments are old, but i don’t care, they are still there and someone still posted them.

do you think ga in’s mv was funny? do you think her singing about an abusive relationship is funny? do you think rape is funny? because i sure as hell don’t. i find nothing about this music video funny. nothing at all.

some comments on the video, i noticed, mentioned that her ‘engrish’ made them laugh and that she shouldn’t try to speak it because she’s bad. um, hello.. she’s korean. korean is her mother language, therefore that makes her a non native speaker. and maybe her english might sound a bit off sometimes but you have no right to give her hate for it.

who are you to say things like this? who do you think you are? do you think you matter? do you think your little snide comment is gonna get you friends? because it won’t. you’re literally being a complete insensitive dick and i am completely done sitting back watching my favourite woman idol get hate thrown at her like this.

people said the song was bad, ok whatever, but keep that to yourself - especially when it comes to a song as delicate as the subject in this one. the song itself is conveying an abusive relationship and the things one would go through if in an abusive relationship. if you even took the time out to read the lyrics, you would have realized this, not that music video wasn’t a big enough clue anyway.

however, some people commented about that there were cute moments between them in the music video and they were confused by this. well, not all abusive relationships are bad twenty four seven. the abuser will have good days, and on those good days, they will usually pamper the victim. make he/she feel good and make them fall in love with the abuser all over again. then, the next time the abuser has a bad day and takes it out on the victim and the victim thinks about how much they hate the abuser - they’ll remember the good times they have and that little bit of hope they have that their abuser will change grows stronger. that’s what keeps them in the relationship. and ga in adding this into the music video was a card well played because it showed she wasn’t completely blind to how these relationships work.

scrolling down more, then i start seeing these insensitive comments and i begin to realize how easily the word rape was being thrown around and i felt sick. i felt so sick because i wondered how these people cope in real life. i wondered if they ever met a rape victim, would they say the same thing? would they say insensitive words like this to them? i fucking hope not. but it made me think a lot, hence why i made this. i think the kpop fandom as a whole needs educating on so many things but this is the number one thing we all need to talk about. i only have a little voice and i know i can’t change an entire fandom but i wanted to put my opinion out there and raise awareness on the fact that these comments: are not okay. nowhere near ok.

"i rape to this song"? what the hell is wrong with you. do you have any idea how sick that is? and the fact people were saying that the video was basically porn pissed me off even more. she was being raped. she did not want it. “well she looked like she wanted it” no she fucking didn’t. you go back and watch that music video and just keep your eyes on ga in’s expressions, that did not look to me like a woman ‘who wanted it’. 

yes this is long, but the one’s who think even for a second that these comments are ok need to learn a few things. throwing around the word rape isn’t funny, it never has been and it never will be, so stop doing it. please. 

2NE1 is like my own name.

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ABC’s of Yuri- Dancing   

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hyeri’s time management skills

18/ reasons to stan ken: when it comes to girls...

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Amber trolling f(x)’s manager []

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