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MC: Sooyoung, if you had to give one member a solo song, who would you give it to?

ABC's of Jessica- Violent

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Fans: NO! Don’t Go! o(╥﹏╥)o

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(disclaimer: I don’t know if tiffany really picked on her nose but it seemed like she did and jessica’s expression added credit to it so yeah)

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I am Miss Korea~ 

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Best ending pose award

Best ending pose award

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Yoo Heeyeol: Jessica, with one finger.. was directing the fans. Right as she came out, she directed them like a trainer with her finger. There’s a video of it.

Jessica: Ah, yes. There are a lot of fans that come out to take videos or pictures

Yoo Heeyeol: to the airport..

Jessica: Yes. There are faces that I always see. So, I always say hi.

Hyoyeon: So you were saying, “You came again.”

Jessica: “You came again. You came to see me.” Like this.

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