shindong’s acceptance speech at the mbc awards

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Shindong:  What is a question you don't want to receive?
Xiumin:  Mine is "Why do you not talk much?" and "Do you have abs?" Please don't ask me yet! I'm still in the process of making them.
Shindong:  And I've been in the process for 9 years

kimheenim: Really, why are we like this… (cr: NKsubs)

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Siwon vs. Siwon

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"Maybe if I ignore him he’ll leave me alone."

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Super Junior’s trouble maker 
Do you fight the same people sometimes? just that one person. 

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Sunggyu saying “we are Super Junior!” with Shindong but then realizing afterwards that he’s actually not a part of Super Junior. (*≧▽≦)

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