because sm 94 line is perfect

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» smtown groups 

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SMFAMILY 2014 Season's Greetings

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What I don’t even….


So sment is going to Universal Studio Japan to have this “hologram smtownconcert” thing and then they have this brochure


You see everybody’s logo like

oh so gorgeous


oh so awesome


oh so bling bling


and oh so badass


I really think that sment has kinda given up on SJ idk 

AND THEN we have SJ’s one.



SM ROOKIES: Jeno, Tae Yong, & Seul Gi

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smtown - 2013

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exo’s sunbaes different reactions to exo’s showtime (which one was your reaction? ^u^)

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how they plan MVs
SM:  Ok. Our goal is to spend less for this production but still earn a lot of money. To do this, we're going to make them dance in a poorly lit room and hire someone to turn the lights on and off. Remember the camera trick that we used for the previous MVs? We're going to use that again. Just add a little pelvic thrust for the dance and I'm sure that will make the fans go crazy. Hmm.. I think it's a good idea to put half-naked photos of them on the album's cover and maybe on the poster too.
YG:  We need to make sure that the set is detailed. The message of the song should be portrayed well in the music video. We need to make sure that the concept is very unique and fresh. Like a car falling down from the sky, or turn one of the members to a male Rapunzel, and maybe film abroad or in a desert. Using slow motion for a camera trick is over rated.. so we'll make the artists do it manually.
JYP:  The song has to be catchy, the dance should be remarking. To make this happen, we are going to record my voice and put it at the beginning of the song. That way the fans will know that the MV's produced by JYP.